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Safety inspection "cross formula"

Column:Company News Time:2020-05-07
Safety inspection is not only a conventional means of safety management

Safety inspection is not only a conventional means of safety management, but also an effective method to enhance the execution of safety work and promote the implementation of safety work. However, in the safety work inspection at the grass-roots level, there are often some formalistic phenomena, such as skimming the water, taking a look around the flowers, and turning around the information, which weakens the due effect of the safety inspection. Safety inspection is a direct means to check hidden dangers, promote rectification and prevent accidents. It is necessary to sing the "cross formula" of "often, deeply, carefully, ask, listen, test, help, perform, evaluate and stare at".

"Chang" means to keep normal. The long-term and continuous characteristics of safety work determine that we must persevere in safety work, instead of grasping, stopping, tightening, loosening, and loosening. We must always tighten the safety production string and keep the safety inspection throughout the whole process of safety management, so as to maintain the high-pressure situation of safety management through continuous, normalized and diversified safety inspection.

"Deep" means going deep into the scene. The site is the foothold of safety management and the breeding ground of all kinds of safety accidents. Safety inspection must focus on the scene and devote efforts to the site, especially for large-scale installation, test run, construction, maintenance sites, remote production sites, key devices and inflammable and explosive sites, item by item inspection and confirmation shall be carried out according to the technical specifications. Do not be far away from the scene, remote inspection, reduce the timeliness of hidden danger detection and rectification in place rate.

"Fine" means meticulous. The world's major events must be done in detail, especially in safety work. Safety work can not tolerate carelessness, large, any small hidden danger if can not be found in time and thorough treatment, may lead to a huge accident disaster. Safety inspection must establish a detailed and detailed work style, adhere to the combination of human safety and material safety, the combination of information and site inspection, and the combination of inspection system and inspection implementation, so as to achieve comprehensive coverage without leaving blind areas, so that any hidden danger can not escape the eye of the inspection team.

"Asking" means understanding the situation. In the safety inspection, we should not only check carefully, but also pay attention to inquiry. By asking the staff at all posts, we can know the implementation of safety production regulations at the grass-roots level, grasp the ideological trends of the staff and workers, and grasp the weak links in the safety work at the grass-roots level, so as to do a targeted job of lengthening the "short board", replacing the "rotten board", mending the "missing board", and fastening the "loose board", The construction of safety management of the iron wall.

"Listening" means listening to reflection. It is necessary to establish a mechanism for communication and exchange of safety inspection information, grasp the overall situation by listening to the grassroots report, solicit opinions through holding a forum for managers and employees, and gather the wisdom of the masses by setting up information platforms such as reporting telephone and mailbox, implement the opinions and suggestions of the masses into the inspection link, and verify with facts, so as to realize the management organ, grass-roots units and inspection organizations The interaction between the staff and the masses promotes the improvement of the inspection effect.

"Examination" means random examination. People's safety awareness and safety skills are the primary measures to ensure safe production. In the safety inspection, we must grasp the safety awareness and safety ability of the grass-roots cadres and workers by means of random inspection and examination, so as to alert the grass-roots units to strengthen the safety education and training, to alert the cadres and workers to strengthen the safety knowledge learning and safety skills training, continuously improve the safety quality, and provide technical support for "I can be safe".

"Help" means guidance and help. Safety inspection is not only to find problems, but also to solve them. Due to the material conditions, technical means, personnel strength and other reasons, some problems in grass-roots units are difficult to be solved timely by their own ability. Therefore, when finding problems, the inspection team must give guidance and help according to the priority of the problem and the difficulty of solving the problem, and coordinate the efforts of all parties to promote the rapid and effective solution of safety problems.

"Performance" is the surprise exercise. The construction of safety emergency plan is an important content of grass-roots safety management, and the effectiveness of emergency plan must be fully played through regular drills. Otherwise, it is useless to write the plan perfectly even if it is written in black and white. In the safety inspection, it is necessary to carry out more surprise plan drills according to the safety production characteristics of the inspected units, so as to master the emergency disposal ability and evacuation and escape ability of cadres and workers, revise and improve the plan according to the problems found in the drill, and improve the safety guarantee function of the emergency plan.

"Comment" is a summary of comments. Summary and comment is one of the important links of safety inspection. Only through the comprehensive summary of the inspection situation and the realistic comments against the safety work standards, can we systematically sort out the fresh experience created in the safety work of the grass-roots units, deeply explore the advanced models in the safety work, and make the inspected units accurately grasp the problems and deficiencies in the management, so as to be willing to To achieve the overall improvement of the overall safety level, we should set grades, promote typical cases, exchange experience and learn from each other.